Retrofit LED Luminaire


The Roadway Retrofit LED Luminaire by Crossroads LED (Patent Pending) is a cost efficient retrofit solution for cobra head-style fixtures. Designed to replace HPS lamps with the latest LED technology, the proprietary LED modules offer superior illumination when compared to the dozens of individual LED’s utilized in older, outdated, designs. The high lumen output and next generation precision optics easily match the performance and light distribution patterns of existing roadway HPS fixtures.

Simple and easy to install, the Roadway Retrofit LED Luminaire is the ideal solution for utility and municipalities who are seeking an economical and effective method of retrofitting their existing roadway infrastructure with the latest generation of LED lighting.

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  • Lumen output selectable from 4000lm to 20,000lm
  • 105 lm/w efficacy rating
  • Reduces energy consumption up to 70%
  • Provides significant energy and maintenance savings
  • Enhances light quality with better uniformity and color performance.
  • Type II and III light distribution patterns are availableĀ 
  • 50,000 hour life at 70% lumen maintenance
  • Auto selecting 120-277 VAC (480VAC optional) power supply with built in surge protection
  • Available color temp, 2750K, 3000K, 3500K, 4100K, 5500K

Optional Wattage Settings

  • 90W comparable to 200W HID lamps and ballasts
  • 120W comparable to 250W HID lamps and ballasts