Post-Top Luminaire


The PT-LED 70 post-top luminaire by Crossroads LED (Patent Pending) is a cost efficient replacement for high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps up to 175W. Rated for pole heights up to 30 feet, the high lumen output and efficient design easily matches the performance and distribution pattern of the existing acorn style globes.

In a time when energy and waste reduction is an everyday topic, the PT-LED 70 post-top luminaire is an economical and environmentally friendly lighting solution. It is an excellent choice for communities and corporations that want to convert their existing lighting platforms to LED lighting.

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  • Reduces energy consumption up to 70%
  • Provides significant energy and maintenance savings
  • Enhances light quality with better uniformity and color performance
  • Type-V light distribution pattern
  • Can be used with type II and III Acorn globes
  • UL-photometric testing provides reliable independent test data
  • UL-ISTMT calculated L70 rating of 84,000hrs.  All components rated for 100,000hrs+
  • 104F/40C system thermal testing performed to verify performance at high ambient conditions
  • Auto selecting 120-277 VAC power supply with built in surge protection
  • Auto selecting 120-277 VAC power supply with built in surge protection
  • 7200+ lumen output
  • 102 lm/w+ efficacy rating
  • Color temp, 2750K, 3000K, 3500K, 4100K, 5500K
  • Adapter kits available to retrofit most acorn style fixtures

Optional Wattage Settings

  • 30W comparable to 100W HID lamp & fixture
  • 70W comparable to 175W HID lamp & fixture
  • Optional electronic four quadrant light trespass control system