Infinity Series

DMX free™, High output, RGB Illumination System


CROSSROADS LED™ introduces the most versatile and innovative amusement and entertainment LED lighting today: The Infinity Series (Patent Pending).

The new Infinity Series utilizes high-output LED tubes, that are five to ten times brighter than the competition, and a full authority, DMX free™, LED computer control system. It generates advanced lighting effects and features that are superior over the cumbersome and antiquated DMX stage lighting controls used by the competition.

Additionally, the LED tubes are lighter and easier to install than LED modules and do not require bulky aluminum channels.

The Infinity series is the first DMX free™ “plug and play” system for amusement parks and carnivals. Just plug the LED tubes into the controller and you are ready to enhance your ride or facility!

The LED tubes can be ordered in lengths ranging from 1-foot to 8-feet. Need to change the lighting effects for a holiday or special event? The optional Wireless Interface allows operators to update and upgrade their lighting effects via the Crossroads LED website! Just point and click and the desired effect is instantly uploaded to your ride!

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  • Water-tight construction
  • 1.25” OD polycarbonate tubing
  • UV rated, impact resistant design
  • Extremely rugged and durable
  • No DMX addresses!
  • Wide voltage range, 12 to 48Vdc.
  • Exceptionally sharp and vibrant colors
  • Extra wide 120-degree LED beam angle
  • Optional wireless interface allows instant on-site updates and upgrades.
  • Years of trouble-free operation