About Crossroads LED

Our History

The foundation of CROSSROADS LED, LLC began in 2003 with Team LED, S.P., whose specialty was in the design and manufacture of multicolor LED linear arrays for the automotive accessory lighting industry. Building on that technology, CROSSROADS LED formed in February 2010 and broadened the application of the technology to focus on LED lighting for the roadway, commercial, industrial, architectural and entertainment lighting industries.

CROSSROADS LED, located in Owasso, Oklahoma, provides engineering development, production and manufacturing for the LED industry. Our high-output LED linear arrays are designed and built using the highest standards in engineering and quality. CROSSROADS LED is proud of its designs and stands behind our products with a focus on excellence in both service and support.

Our Future

A large factor in our success has been our ability to interpret market demands and create products that meet or exceed the needs of the industry. As CROSSROADS LED continues to grow and expand, we will maintain our focus on being a “next generation” company by researching the market, keeping up with industry trends and continually updating our products lines to ensure that our customers have the brightest and most reliable professionally engineered LED products available.